Flat-out happens to be a state-wide homelessness help and advocacy program for women 18+

Flat-out happens to be a state-wide homelessness help and advocacy program for women 18+

A Statewide Help Tool For Females Leaving Imprisonment

Flat Out happens to be a state-wide homelessness support and advocacy provider for females 18+ (with/without girls and boys), who’ve had connection with the criminal justice and/or imprisonment method in Victoria. Flat-out does not have homes.

Flat Out as well as its workers are actually sold on supporting the right, security, participation and empowerment of most little ones.

Flat-out is a completely independent, certainly not for gains, society relying organisation that is was able by and for women.

Flat Out was dedicated co-creating less hazardous spots, nurturing support and self-determination for people who decide as sistergirls, intersex, transgender and/or gender varied ladies. We all have respect for that identification is for the individual to determine, and work collectively to ensure those with these personal information were accorded admiration and usage of our personal assistance and advocacy, and furnished constant opportunities to teach guidelines concerning the crossroad regarding identities with encounters of criminalisation.

The Flat Out administration group (table) welcomes fairness and equivalence through the important features of governance, control and management which happen to be underpinned by an intensive number beliefs, regulations and treatments and delegated expert.

Flat-out gets government financing by the division of health insurance and person facilities (Victoria), the North west Melbourne chief medical internet (Commonwealth), and draw investments from various means to raise our very own capacity to promote ground breaking and successful services, advocacy and cultural change. Authorities financial support is made for the purpose of supplying individualised assistance and advocacy for women (with or without children) to deal with homelessness, treatment and beer approach and many different other support and advocacy to deal with the underlying reasons for criminalisation.

Individual financial support is elevated through donations, grants and common fundraising the reason for Flat Out’s cultural changes and systemic advocacy operate.

Flat-out causes and participates in research and group training, attempting to notify the larger community about the harms that arise for ladies inside illegal justice process. Flat Out works immediately with girls that have skilled criminalisation and/or incarceration also to improve legal rights and circumstances of women in jail. Flat Out operates to protect against women from planning to imprisonment, and maintaining ladies away from jail as soon as they are freed.

The studies and worth that underpin Flat Out’s work bring remained consistent since Flat Out’s beginning (1988). Through area interest, training and study, Flat Out runs toward creating sturdy words for the prison abolition motion around australia and globally. The experience is the fact fundamentally prisons will likely be regarded as ancient, terrible and inadequate companies. Maybe not unlike the actions to abolish slavery; techniques to end racism; the women’s liberation motion, and fluctuations to end homelessness. Flat Out aims to function together with diverse neighborhoods to finish all different types of difference and unfairness. We come across most of these motions as adjoined.

We strive to honour our very own obligations to women who are actually criminalised, buddies and supporters of Flat Out, the bigger people and our personal funders.

Flat-out Worth

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s because the basic individuals of Aussie-land
  • The business being managed by & for ladies
  • Cooperating with women who were criminalised
  • Giving excellent service solutions & advocacy
  • Choice, equality & self-determination
  • Public justice & economic possibilities for all the
  • Everybody has the legal right to guide safe, violence-free schedules
  • Getting an element of an action to end criminalisation and incarceration
  • Dealing with the broader people toward our very own experience

Our Very Own Experience

Women are maybe not sugardaddylist.net criminalised or imprisoned

How can we get there

  • We are going to maintain flat-out as an independent, not for profits organization.
  • We will concentrate on working together with women who are generally criminalised.
  • We will provide quality woman-centred assistance and advocacy.
  • We’ll help lady to find proper and low-cost casing.
  • We’re going to support ladies in their unique journeys to great health and wellbeing.
  • We’ll supporting ladies to reconnect with kids and group.
  • We’re going to make an effort to highlight effective alternatives to criminalisation and incarceration.
  • We will lead and contribute to good friendly and systemic change.
  • We are going to benefit the bigger area towards our very own eyes.

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